University of New Hampshire Law

"New School," Same Spirit

Recently, The Franklin Pierce Law Center, New Hampshire’s leading law school, merged with UNH, the state’s landmark university. We were engaged to help explain the benefits of combination to students, staff, alumni and the surrounding communities. On the surface, the assignment seemed simple enough. But Franklin Pierce alone had been an unreconciled tale of two schools: the global IP powerhouse (top ten in its class) and the general law program that tended to focus closer to home. We needed to solve that first.

Interviews with alumni and faculty revealed that the two Franklin Pierce “personas” were really one—(a) a pioneering IP heritage directly tied to (b) the practical nature of its approach. This insight gave us the theme expressed in the school’s first viewbook: study in contrast.

The pairing of those unique qualities, proven with facts and figures, makes the school special. The brand now flies under a new flag: University of New Hampshire School of Law, with a unified look and feel, leaving the clear impression that UNH Law is a new school with an old tradition in the same spirit that made Franklin Pierce an admired leader.