sustained momentum

Prospering in last year’s economy was a world-wide challenge, but at least one firm sustained its momentum. Proskauer has been growing steadily over the past several years through skillful acquisitions of practices and individuals. That dynamism is reflected in the firm’s new logo and (even further) abbreviated name. But, more importantly, clients value momentum—sustaining, gaining and accelerating it. Business doesn’t cheer yesterday’s numbers so much as look forward to tomorrow’s! That message is at the core of the Proskauer brand.

Beyond the identity, you’ll also see a dramatically different website—-changing from black and red to blue and lots and lots of white.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get behind the wall of an organization. The discreet nature of the legal business can make it even harder to peer through the shades. We thought students would enjoy seeing exactly what’s on the laptops of other associates like themselves. This brochure was designed as a laptop (albeit a small laptop), revealing the real-time documents on each individual’s desk. Now that’s getting in the door!

The digitally printed materials reflected the overall brand. But smartly. These materials could be produced by the firm on the fly through a system we call Practice Made Perfect. Foregoing the printing press but looking just as good, brochures can be customized for individual clients. But even the promise of keeping brochures current is enough to make most communications directors salivate.