Delivering the Lay of the Land Nationwide

Millman is a national survey company licensed in 44 states. Unlike so many others in the industry, Millman is not a local survey coordinator—95% of all Millman projects are completed by Millman staff. That would be distinction enough, but Millman has added to their difference with Virtual Surveyor, a software program that gives companies a quick and accurate view of their properties. No telling when someone will unwittingly locate an ATM on someone else’s property. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, surveyors both, would be proud.

Surveying is a tough business, having been commoditized. Distinction lies in the service delivery. Clients want impossible deadlines met across many states, low fees, and, of course, accurate surveys.

The answer? Focus on the benefits, naturally. And never, ever underestimate the power of design to transform an organization from “before” (see thumbnail left) to “after”—and lift it up to the next level.