Ice Miller

Brand Building

Ice Miller’s growth from a local to a regional firm demanded a rebranding to match the expanded footprint. Offices in Chicago and Columbus wanted increased name awareness to offset the loss of local awareness that automatically comes with a name change. A constant theme we heard from almost every lawyer was thankfully not the same old “we’re problem solvers,” but something we found interesting and unique: we help our clients build and protect—build speed, build a competitive advantage, build communities. That’s a brand promise to which everyone in the firm can subscribe. 

Ice Miller’s website is flexible and changeable, but even as it is changed, the brand remains crystal clear because the structure of the brand is built on word pairs introduced by a client story. A rich Clients & Cases center gives fodder for the home page. By the way, did you notice Ice on Fire? Actually, this is a calculated effort to distance Ice Miller from Miller beer. Great slogan. Less confusing.

How easily this visual and verbal brand strategy translates into advertising, both sponsorship and brand ads! The same brand tools allow us to structure a collateral system where brochures can be built quickly and easily to support sales efforts, new initiatives or even new practice areas. Of course, all of this was codified into brand standards to give the client team the best shot at sustaining the core elements of the brand while having creative flexibility.