Husch Blackwell

For Higher Value, Go Deep.

Many law and other professional service firms talk, with the very best intentions, about understanding their client’s business and industry. Husch Blackwell has gone deeper. The firm has turned talk into action by fundamentally changing how it functions. Following a major strategic planning initiative, Husch Blackwell has put industry first—completely transforming the entire operation into industry teams and operating units. We were engaged to package and tell the “industry-first” story—and bring its key messages to life in a state-of-the-art new website, industry brochure systems, advertising and more.

On the new website and elsewhere, you’ll see navigation that puts industry first, literally; streaming client issues that provide the context for valuable legal solutions; 90+ client success stories; richer industry, bio and practice pages with fully redone benefits-driven content; and imagery drawn from client industries to reinforce Husch’s depth of experience. Also featured is a new business insights resource center, easily searchable with Google functionality. It’s a design meant to break from the conventional law firm mold to match a business strategy that does the same.