Gesmer Updegrove

law firm makes bold moves

The legal landscape can be extremely bland and stuffy. But bland and stuffy does not play in the fast-paced mercurial market Gesmer Updegrove serves. The firm’s legal service business model is built for and by entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide an edge in navigating the emerging business life cycle—raising money, hiring and retaining people, getting the product to market, setting up and expanding operations and implementing an exit strategy. All areas in which Gesmer excels and has the track record to show for it.

The firm’s celebrated website, the first place winner in the 2009 Legal Marketing Awards, is organized around the goals and ambitions of the “serial entrepreneur.” Its own lawyers and advisors come to life in the pitch in an interactive lineup of “most wanted” emerging company advisors.

A firm brochure, ads, direct mail campaign and other elements of the brand program pick up where the website leaves off. The core creative is leveraged for efficiency and consistency throughout the materials. Smart and entrepreneurial. Just like Gesmer Updegrove.

A flight of three ads (and companion mailers for snail and email) mirror the firm’s new website, reflecting the three broad stages of an emerging company: startup, expansion and financial transaction. Headlines like “serial entrepreneur makes another killing” sit among a tapestry of evidence that Gesmer understands what drives its clients and has the credentials to help them realize those critical objectives and milestones. In delivering its credentials and proof, the firm also adopts the visual portfolio vernacular of the important venture capital community that typically funds emerging companies.