Erickson Immigration Group

Uncomplicate the Complicated 

Not everyone feels they can afford us, but heavens, we wish everyone would call anyway. We’re always willing to listen and at least try to work out a deal. Two years ago, Jerry Erickson gave us a shout to help his 12-lawyer firm make an impression on their high-tech clients with their exhibit at their primary convention, the Global Workforce Symposium, promising Erickson would Uncomplicate the Complicated.

That first year, we created a giant ball of ethernet cord and painted it with their school colors, lime green and blue, asking visitors to the conference to guess the length of cord it took to make the ball.

That idea generated such interest from attendees that we got the assignment to do it again and again and again. Subsequent globes have been constructed from holiday lights, K'Nex and most recently a paper mache globe with filament indicating the global routes on which they have transported people.

Instead of the traditional firm brochure a "Little Green Book" titled, The Rules We Live By was created to show the core values of the firm. Incredible high-touch printing techniques were used to illustrate the attention to detail the firm provides. 

When the firm opened their West Coast office in San Francisco, the theme of Uncomplicated the Complicated was again employed. The card shows famous Lombard Street, hailed as the curviest street in the world, completely straight because Erickson can help take the twists and turns out of immigration law.