Epiq System

epiq systems

Litigation, bankruptcy and major financial transactions have become modern-day epics. Legal counsel and their clients must wrestle mountains of electronic data, leap borders and time zones and cut through forests of dense regulations to protect the fate of thousands of stakeholders. To overcome these challenges, they turn to Epiq Systems software and services.

Epiq Systems is a high- growth public technology company (Forbes “Midas List” and Business 2.0 top 25) with a keen focus, a marquee client list and a great name. The firm’s new branding effort leans on the name to create awareness and preference for Epiq’s abilities.

The effort begins with an announcement brochure focused on client achievements. The new logo is completed with a bold brushstroke that becomes a dynamic element as objects and word pairings complete the Q in Epiq.

From a completely renovated Web site that integrated four legacy companies to a suite of product brochures, Epiq’s branding was a remarkable challenge with the type of resounding outcome that its demanding clients respect.