Dow Lohnes

Insight Inside

Dow Lohnes was (more on that in a minute) a firm with strong industry-based expertise. It’s hard to imagine a communications deal where they were not involved. Major client Cox Communications meant the firm was also heavily involved in the media & technology sector. Add to this important skills and experience in education, aviation and transportation, plus a growing sports and entertainment franchise. All that said, as we were involved in the website design and development, the firm was actively seeking a suitor. We’d like to think their sophisticated presentation made a difference to Cooley, with whom they merged January 1, 2014.

Everything about this website reflects our core communications principles:

1. Organize and present by industry

2. Tell stories through pictures, diagrams, tables, charts and graphs

3. Humanize your offering. Take your experts out of the high-school-headshot box.