Clifford Chance

Welcome to the USA

This is our second revision of Clifford Chance’s USA recruiting website, which included not only the website design but an updated series of videos to testify to the firm’s story in the United States (there are now over 20 videos in this content rich website). This year’s assignment came with an interesting twist: Clifford Chance has adopted a content management system that gives strategists/designers significant flexibility in their design approach. Individual offices in all 26 countries can tell their own story in their own way within the envelope of the firm’s brand standards. We chose to flood the marquee with a movie that ended with associates and partners telling stories we know to be important to laterals and recruits. The U.S. tagline, “Simply More Worldly” scrolls across the marquee introducing the unique website.

The Careers USA Page implicitly acknowledges the uptick in legal business worldwide. The legal industry has changed dramatically in the past five years, and now more than ever the future of every law firm depends on the quality of lawyers it can attract. Great marketing efforts like this serve to distance Clifford Chance from the competition. Its timing is perfect.