Agile by any Measure 

Among its clients, Boston’s Choate is seen as a dynamic first-tier firm that measures up to the best in the Northeast. Its strategy and model are increasingly special: 200 lawyers all under one roof and a focus on a select group of areas where it practices at the highest level. For more than two years, Choate has been taking this message to market and extending its award-winning brand.

A new Web site brings the firm’s story and personality to life online. Beyond a more contemporary look and feel, the site features clear messaging on the marquee, full-body photographs of its professionals, scannable fast facts and “widgets” on the sidebars of every page pushing important content to the viewer. With its launch, has earned a dramatic spike in visitors and responses from clients about the ease of use and clarity of content.

Cross-border capabilities are the focal point in a life sciences booth and red-hot giveaway for the 2006 BioMedex conference in Canada. The firm’s measure-up messaging finds its way to all kinds of spirited media—from water bottles to a party favor from their new-office opening in 2006.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times have written about Choate’s new recruiting site, which integrates reality-TV-style vignettes, professionally acted commercial videos, vintage film footage and a healthy dose of humor. The 24 video clips focus less on the the benefits of working at Choate than on revealing a firm at ease with itself in every way—size, single office and work product. Callbacks spiked; students at every campus interview mentioned the site. Students said the videos “put a human side” on the firm that they weren’t seeing at other firms. Bingo!

The online effort makes its way offline with a checklist that encourages students to evaluate other firms against Choate “by any measure.” A disk with the site’s short films was included.

The You-Tube inspired careers section of the Web site features refreshingly candid associate vignettes where individuals have no other agenda than to reveal a little about themselves. Partner Steve Hurwitz explains why the firm’s business model and culture make Choate a great place to build a career.

Entertaining film footage from the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s is creatively combined with added voiceovers and title cards to reinforce Choate’s core recruitment messages.