Censeo Consulting

See change, realized.

The supply chain consultants at Censeo hail from the largest and most respected global firms, like Booz Allen and Deloitte, but are bringing a different problem-solving perspective and business model to market. In short order, this approach has earned Censeo a five-star client list—from the Department of Defense to a Fortune 50 mining concern. It has also put the firm on Consulting Magazine’s Small Jewels list. 

The secret to Censeo’s success? A full-circle connection between framing big-picture improvement opportunities and delivering programs that provide immediate, quantifiable results. We’ve dubbed this approach the 360-degree perspective.

A new pitch book and Web site target a mix of large government agencies and large public companies. They feature dramatic imagery—capturing the big picture—paired with detailed case studies that demonstrate actual results. Missing are the elaborate process flow charts and long narrative descriptions that reinforce perceptions of large firms as more focused on “what clients should do” than on “how to get it done.”