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Berry Dunn

Gain a Leg Up

What’s with the shoes? You might ask that exact question as you take in BerryDunn’s stylish new brand, launched earlier this year with a new logo, identity system, brochures, pitch documents, website and more. BerryDunn’s CPAs and advisors are entrepreneurial types by nature—working with clients throughout New England and in industry pockets across the country.

The shoes—from a wing tip on roller blades to a flip-flop skateboard—are a metaphor for advancing with control: two things every driven business leader tries to accomplish. The firm delivers this two-step promise by pairing technical know-how with a clear understanding of their client’s business and what it takes to keep clients on a roll.

With its rebranding, BerryDunn introduces a contemporary, vital and engaging look and feel that begins with a new firm logo. They also apply good old-fashioned New England practicality by investing in good creative and then extracting the most out of that investment with repeat use. Smart.