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Guess what? IP addresses are running out. Who knew? The original IP address protocol, called IPv4, has (or had) more than 4.2 billion unique IP numbers. In just 20 years, all are gone. The new protocol, IPv6, has trillions of possible addresses and will not run out, but unfortunately, the whole system is not backward compatible. Few countries are yet prepared to make the switch, so a trading market has emerged for the large bundles of IP addresses held in limbo by corporations and government (i.e., the military). Of course, most Internet registries are encouraging organizations holding those unused numbers to transfer them directly to others that need them—but it hasn’t quite worked out that way. As a result, a market is in full swing, operating without regulation, clearly understood guidelines or meaningful standards. Finding a trustworthy broker is everyone’s goal.

Our client, the law firm LB3, has been entrusted to manage their clients’ significant inventories of IPv4 numbers. In order to do so, it was necessary to create an arm’s-length distance between the firm and the broker, so Avenue4 LLC was created.

With the client’s close participation, we developed the name, designed the new identity and website, and scripted the introductory video to launch the service. All in short order.