Arnall Golden Gregory

Arnall Golden Gregory Makes a Stand For How

How you do things matters. Just ask Arnall Golden Gregory’s clients. This Atlanta-based firm’s lawyers work with sophisticated executive leaders in organizations of all shapes and sizes across the U.S. and around the world. Discerning individual clients also rely on the firm. While their work is high-end, their approach is practical and value-driven. This style is expressed with a new website and companion ad campaign. The core promise is summed up in the confident line, “Not if, but how.” The web design captures their can-do culture and business sensibilities. Case studies, grouped by client size, dominate the homepage and lead to a searchable library of client successes. New, more engaging attorney bios are richly informative. Mega-menus and a bottom-of-page accessible site map make things easy to find. Thirty-plus issues and insights videos appear sitewide. And up-close and focused imagery makes it easier to scan the decision making resources.

All in all, the new website and firm advertisements represent a thoroughly modern law firm—a firm that spends more time talking about clients than itself. Which is refreshingly practical. And how!