Anthony Ostlund

Decisive, Determined, Driven

Anthony Ostlund is a first-rate Minneapolis litigation firm of calculated, decisive and exceptionally experienced trial attorneys delivering pragmatic business and legal solutions from a higher set of standards. They understand that winning, defined differently by each client, is what’s in the best interest of their clients and their businesses. They set out to create a brand built around these ideals.

Showcasing both their attorneys and client stories on the homepage plays off the large headline of Decisive, Determined and Driven. They are not just claiming this, but instead offering proof.

This is further illustrated on the cases landing page with a map that showcases the work they have done all over the country. The dramatic use of black with exceptional photography adds drama to the site; the bold use of rankings, peppered throughout adds to the firm’s credibility. The rich news & events section shows their thought leadership in all areas of litigation.