American Beverage Association

A Nationwide Initiative Against Obesity

This story began a while ago, with the development of the Nutrition Facts labeling system that’s on over 6.5 billion food packages in the U.S., becoming the de facto standard worldwide for nutrition labeling. Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign led the American Beverage Association and the Grocery Manufacturers Association to work with their members to pull nutrition information from the back to what’s called “front of pack.”

If possible, industry works to stay ahead of regulations by voluntarily creating its own “regulations” in sync with government mandates. It’s an elaborate dance, but the goal is to create a win-win for industry and government. On one side, manufacturers passionately defend their products. On the other, government seeks—with equal passion—through public policy to protect the health and welfare of its citizens. For the most part (and in this case), this system works beautifully. Woe betide us when it doesn’t; we’re pressed to the edge of cliffs!