Six Steps to Transform Talent

The American Management Association is the largest training organization in the world by far. We’ll bet there’s not a reader who hasn’t benefited from one of their courses on project management or the basic principles of accounting. In fact, it’s that very success that has made it difficult for AMA to grab the upper end of the market. HR directors and C-suite executives trust AMA to train the rank and file, but the connection often breaks when more complex, company-wide leadership education is considered.

Unfair! No organization is better qualified to create a comprehensive, catalytic, company-changing learning strategy than AMA. They’ve got the faculty, the programs and the ability to scale worldwide.

We were asked to redefine a strong corporate learning services division under new leadership. We created a new name and defined the talent transformation process for corporate executives into six simple steps. But simple is as simple does; adding drama to each step makes them memorable.

Six Steps to Transform Talent became the banner under which other messages marched. Naturally, we then touched the AMA website, reworking the primary and secondary navigation as well as the presentation of the landing pages. We also jumped in to help clarify and humanize the sales pitch.