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The Dish on Big Firm Websites

By Burkey Belser
September 9, 2015
The Dish on Big Firm Websites

The largest professional services firm websites at a glance

This week, Greenfield/Belser launched site visitsSM, a first of its kind catalog and best practices review of the 200 largest professional services websites from around the world in one easy-to-reference place.

Site Visits

We call our catalog site visitsSM. Landing on site visitsSM, you can navigate five frequently visited pages of law, accounting and consulting firms by sector, size or name. Find reviews for the 200 largest firms, spot trends and see how you measure up and unearth recipes for success.

Following our mom’s advice, we always found something nice to say or didn’t say anything at all in our reviews. Our goal is to find best practices and encourage improvement, not wag our fingers. We understand there may be many reasons why a particular site wasn’t able to knock it out of the park. We've come to praise Caesar. To that end, outstanding features have been awarded green ribbons, which you’ll find explained on the sites receiving them.

Green Ribbon

Also on site visitsSM, you'll find:

  1. an explanation of our methodology, including which firms were reviewed and why;
  2. an explanation of criteria for the reviews (things we know from experience that make for impressive sites); and
  3. executive summaries of observations about today's sites, organized by sector.

thought leadership

site visitsSM presents the here and now of professional service firm web design and content so we can all get a firmer grip on what others are up to and what comes next. You can and should be the judge of what you see, but in our executive summaries and green ribbon awards, we highlight best practices and ideas.

Please dig in at We hope you enjoy your visit.