Mark Ledgerwood

Art Director

1818 N Street NW, Suite 110
Washington, DC 20036
P 202 420 7570
1818 N Street NW, Suite 110
Washington, DC 20036
P 202 420 7570
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Mark has been a senior designer and art director at Greenfield Belser for 10+ years. He is now a firm principal and creative director leading a team of designers on client engagements of all shapes and sizes.

In college, at the Memphis College of Art, he found he had a talent for drawing. His first job was doing storyboards, ad comps and whatever else was thrown his way. That was back in the days of rubber cement, type houses and felt-tip markers. Since then, he’s owned a graphics business and worked in both advertising and design agencies.

He has served as the Senior Art Director of Walker & Associates in Memphis, Tennessee, and the Senior Art Director of the Santy Agency of Phoenix, Arizona. He was the Associate Creative Director of GSW in Columbus Ohio. He was Co-creative Director at L3 Creative in both Phoenix, Arizona, and Columbus, Ohio.

He brings 20 years of design experience to with him to the Greenfield/ Belser team.

recent engagements

His work has won numerous awards in brand design and creativity for clients like Choate, Downs


On a snowy and cold March day long, long ago.

I grew up in

Blue-collar suburban St. Louis. And, yes, I am still a Cardinals and Blues fan. But now that I live in DC, I root for the Capitals and have seasons tickets.

When not working, I particularly enjoy

Hanging out with my two daughters. Can’t beat that.