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Big Idea: Digital Food for Thought for 2016

By Joe Walsh
December 18, 2015
Big Idea: Digital Food for Thought for 2016

Five year-ending website trends and opportunities learned from 200 professional service firm website visits

As the year wraps up, we want to share parting 2015 thoughts on site visitsSM. If you’ve not heard of site visitsSM, it’s a first of its kind catalog of the 200 largest professional services firm websites. If you haven’t already visited the catalog, please do; we think you’ll find it time well spent. If you have seen it, we invite you to tour our work again and learn some more.

Inside, you can navigate five frequently visited pages of 200 law, accounting and consulting firms by sector, size or name with maximum efficiency. The reviews will help you spot trends, see how your firm measures up and unearth recipes for success—next year and beyond. Following our mom’s advice, we always found something nice to say in our reviews. Our goal continues to be to find best practices and encourage improvement, not wag our fingers. To that end, outstanding features or designs have been awarded green ribbons, which you’ll find explained on the sites receiving them.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of a year-end review, here are the big five trends and opportunities we see in looking closely at the websites for the 200 largest professional services firms around the world… Read More